Inflatable Sex Doll 2 ISD-005

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Hair Color: Black, Brown, Golden

Height: 158cm

Net Weight: 3 Kgs; Gross Weight: 5 Kgs

Function: Male Sex

Breast: 88cm

Waist: 68cm

Oral sex inflatable sex doll with fillable breast feature

Delivery time: 3-4 working days

Material: Non-toxic Silicone



Explore our extensive collection of premium inflatable sex doll crafted to satisfy your deepest desires. Our Inflatable Sex Doll 2 boast lifelike features and customizable options, ensuring an unmatched experience. Shop now for ultimate satisfaction.

  • Inflatable Sex Doll 2 Main Features:

    • Lifelike 3D face with lifelike hair
    • Simulate real vaginal structure
    • Sexy breasts can be filled with water
    • High-quality hair; Oral, vaginal, and anal sex options available
    • Removable silicone pussy with rooted pubic hair
    • Ultra-soft mouth and nipples, large breasts
    • Made of advanced medical-grade non-toxic PVC
    • Lingeries in picture sold separately
    • Can withstand 300 pounds of force
    • Soft silicone gel genital and nipples
    • Large, soft breasts
    • Vagina and anus for anal sex
    • Split design genital for independent use as a masturbation cup
    • Produces real “sexy sounds”
    • Tall chest, plump, flexible, and sexy legs slightly separated for visual enjoyment

    How To Use:

    After using your toys, promptly clean them to prevent bacterial growth due to high oil secretion and residual liquid.

  • During cleaning, avoid switching on or plugging in the toys. Use gentle finger rubbing instead of brushes or acid detergents.
  • Wipe the toys with a dry cotton cloth or high-quality paper towels after cleaning, and avoid direct sunlight exposure.
  • For special cleaning, consider using cleaning fluids or diluted alcohol (75%) for sterilization. Sprinkle talcum powder before storing.
  • Remember to remove the batteries after use to prevent corrosion. Use a flannel bag or dust collection bag for storage, and keep them dry in the shade whenever possible.


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