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How to Use Cock Ring Male Vibrator?

Want to enhance the level of sexual pleasure during intercourse? Try a vibrating penis ring and see the difference. Vibrating cock rings are a variant of modern-day adult products, and such sex toys are designed to help men take the sensation to a different level. If you want another sensation to stimulate your penis, sex toys in Indore, such as a vibrating cock ring, can be an ideal choice.

The ring-shaped sex toy circles the penis and sets just above the testicles. You can use the penis ring vibrator for both vaginal and anal play. Wondering thinking how to use such rings to stimulate your penis? Here is a user manual for you. We have developed a step-by-step manual that we believe will help you to use the penis ring vibrator in the best possible way.

Step: 1

Before you attempt to put the ring on, make sure your scrotum is shaved. It is better to have a shaved scrotum instead of an unshaved scrotum. The hair around the scrotum can easily get stuck and can cause pain. To get the best penis ring online, visit

So, shave your scrotum to make the experience comfortable. Another important thing you should remember when drying such sex toys in Indore is that you should not hold the ring with a wet hand. Dry hands will help to insert the ring into your penis easily.

Step: 2

An erect penis can make the task difficult for you. So, try to put the ring into the penis before your penis is fully erected. If your penis is already erected, you can use lube to make the task easier. You can wear a penis vibrator on your penis or around the testicles.

If you want to put it around the testicles, slip one ball into the ring at a time. You can wear the cock ring over the penis or testicles to maintain arousal and enhance pleasure.

Step: 3

Once you have worn it perfectly, you must look at its position. To allow your partner to enjoy the vibration effect, you must position it correctly. If you keep its face up, it can ensure better clitoral stimulation. If you keep the face down, the vibrator can target the anus.

So, you can position it based on your and your partner’s preferences. Remember, the cock ring around your penis can also stimulate the vagina and anus of your partner., and you will find your favourite sex toys in Indore.

Step: 4   

Once the ring is placed and you have taken your position, turn the penis vibrator on. An average battery-powered ring vibrator can last nearly half an hour. So, make sure you have turned it off when you are not using it.

Penis ring vibrators are smaller in size compared to traditional vibrators. So, you cannot expect them to perform for hours.


Although sex toys in Indore, such as a rock ring, are designed to enhance sensation and pleasure, users often feel uncomfortable with such adult products. For example, if you use the cock ring for prolonged hours, you may feel pain and experience discomfort.

Also, if you put it on incorrectly or if the ring is too tight for your penis, it will begin to hurt. So, make sure you put the penis vibrator on correctly before using it.


It is quite easy to wear and use as a cock ring. We hope our guide will help you to put the penis vibrator on comfortably. You can also follow the manuals offered by the manufacturer for more details. However, using a high-quality penis ring vibrator is very important for a 100% satisfactory experience. So make sure you have visited a reputable sex toy shop such as to buy your favourite sex toys in Indore.

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