Sunning Sexy Girl BSV-002

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  • 【Function】
    The product is a male masturbation devicessimulation of polymer materials made ​​by the United States importsplump sexy, production is particularly finewhite complexion,gives the feeling of holinessUnder the touch, gentle and delicate, flexible, feeling far better than the real skinThe Jinzhai have the elastic channelwell-designed internal Mans-like structure, so that you are unable to stop the feelingHigh-tech breakthrough in skin, muscle, elasticity, color, body temperature is 100 percent trueThis product is applicable in the elderly decreased sexual functioning or long-term living law an obstacle to menthe couple separated in two placesthe strong desire of menand divorced or single menespecially recommended for successful men to the pursuit of quality of life experience.
    Size following figureOne installed.
    Medical polymer non-toxic materials
    1, Install all batteries correctly (this product 4 on the 5th battery)
    2, 75% of medical alcohol disinfectant scrub product before use a generous amount of lubricant products
    3, wear a condom on the male genitalia and a generous amount of lubricant
    4, the male genitalia into the apparatus until the climaxejaculation
    5, the male genitalia exit from the apparatus within


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