Huomeiren Bust Firm 90 Plentiful Beauty Breast Lotion BLC-002

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  • This product can directly in filtrate through basal skin layer in the breast to promote the secretion of the female hormone and the development of the mammary glands, improve breast elasticity and support, and reduce wrinkles to restore pink, full, firm breast.INDICATIONS:
    Poorly developed, saggy, inelastic, atrophic breast or dry, yellowish breast skin.


  • The Thai essence in this product richly contains amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins and other active elements and can adjust internal secretion and autonomic nerve functions, speed up blood circulation in the breast, promote the development of mammary glands and the secretion of female hormone, and activate cell regeneration. This product can enhance breast size in a natural way, lift flat, saggy breasts, and smoothen the skin to restore semi-round, full, firm, resilient breast of smooth, soft skin. Regular use helps you enjoy charming beasts!

    Thai yam essence
    hop essence cocoa butter
    sunflower seed oil
    aloe gel
    extracts of motherwort
    natural plant essences.

    Pregnant women or women lactation period should not use

    Use in the morning, evening and after bath. Gently massage in circles with a little of this product over the breast for 10 minutes.

    Normally primary effect can be seen in 4-9 days and obvious effect can be seen in 1-2 months. Or you can use until the desired effect is achieved.


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