Pannama’s Herbal Big-Up Bust Cream BLC-005


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Brand name PANNAMAS™

Name product Cream

Volume / Weight 100 gram

Shipping Weight 150 gram

Сountry Thailand

Pannamas Enlargement Herbal Bust-UP Firming Cream

Herbal breast enlargement. Helps you get sexy and beauty in a month. It will be able to understand a lot of the desired results within 10 – 20 days of using it.

Mode of application:

Before you sleep at night, clean hands with hands and breasts with soap or face and remove the hands and breasts with dry cloth, then gently massage the breast in the chest and massage it from the bottom to the top 10 minutes then go to sleep. Wash your breasts with light warm water early in the morning and wipe it with dry cloth, massage it again after a while. Then massage it twice a day. In this way, you can understand a lot of results within a week.


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