Viamax Power Sexy Coffee Only For Female EHP-007

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This product is elaborately made by adding special aphrodisiac factors into instant coffee with modern extraction technology. This product has pleasant coffee taste,it can fast dissolve in various kinds of soft drinks and liquors and take the aphrodisiac effect after drinking it.About 15 minutes after taking,she will look rosy in face,feel short of breath,and show great desire for love in eyes,and a warm stream begins spreading in her body.At this time,she is very passionate,charming and longing for being loved,which will bring your great enjoyment.

Main compositions:

Instant coffee,aphrodisiac factors and grape pulp.


  1. It can effectively stimulate women’s nerve center,regulate hormone secretion enhance their sexual desire.
  2. It has obvious improvement on sex apathy,asexuality, and no orgasm.


6g/bag×8bags /box

Administration and Dosage:

take after mixing with water or drinks,1 bag each time 15 minutes before sexual intercourse.


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