Rotation Lover Fleshlight Masturbator | Blowjob Machine

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Operator interface

Simple user interface, two keybutton control is turned off,the rotation frequencyenhancement weakened, avibrational mode, allowing you to easily grasp, operating freely

Dual-mode power supply

You can use 4 AA batteries orUSB connection powered dual-mode

Rotate lover five male massage mode quality characteristics embodied in theuse of materials and processing technology held honesty. Special attention tothe selection of raw materials and components to ensure compliance withbiocompatible, non-toxic, and absolutely free o-xylylene, fully meet CE and FDA standards.

ABS safety

High purity silica

Environmentally safe ABS plasticand TPE, non-toxic and tasteless.Excluding titanates. Safe to use, so do not worry。

Pure silicone is now much used in medicine as a substitute for the internal organization of the bodymaterial. Silicone material can simulaterealistic human skin, have similarhuman touch. On the human bodywithout any side effects, no smell, so you do not need to worry about security issues

Powered correctly

The USB power cord into the product supply hole,then energized, productsupply

Disinfection andcleaning

Before use with 75% alcohol scrub medical products, the product of a comprehensivedisinfection and cleaning ofthe product on the smearamount of lubricant, the betterit is recommended to use with condoms disinfection and cleansing treatment。



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