Hydromax X20 Hydropump (Penis Enlargement Pump) PED-008


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HYDROMAX X20 is a revolution in hydropump technology. With the same attributes as the rest of the Hydromax X-series, the X20 has 35% more power than the orginal Hercules. This model is recommended for a user whose penis is up to 5 inches in length.


Hydromax X20 Hydropump (Penis Enlargement Pump):

Upgrades from the Hercules are 35% more power, due to a new state of the art material for the bellows. The Bellows now swivel to give complete 360 degree view of the penis while in use. The internal width is greater and bellows convolutes are larger to house more girth.

Other improvements include:

A long insert comfort pad gives increased comfort and greater support around the base of the penis (removable for easy cleaning). The addition of a Super Flow Latch Valve system allows for single hand filling of the vessel in the shower. The textured vessel at the top and base of the pump gives better control through more grip.

Hydromax X20 Hydropump was the second addition to the Hydromax X-Series as demand rapidly increased for a pump to accommodate men with penises up to 5 inches.

How to measure yourself correctly

Choosing the correct size bathmate pump is important in order to maximize the effectiveness of the pump. A pump that is too large for you could reduce vacuum pressure and consequently lead to less effective use.

Refer to this guide on on how to measure your penis correctly.


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