How To Use Fleshlight In India? Pro Tips To Pleasure After You Buy Fleshlight

Fleshlight comes amongst the most popular sex toys for men in India for its distinctive features. In case, you have invested in fleshlight in India, it is essential to know how to use them. So that you can take care of your sexual health better than else does. If you’re reading our article, we hope you already know what is a fleshlight, or perhaps you have already bought a fleshlight online. Fleshlight masturbator typically replicates women’s genitalia. It promises to offer the feeling of real sex making them a hot cake in the world of sex toys for men in India.

Although a lot of people invest in fleshlight India products, only a handful people know how to use fleshlight sex toy for years to come. In case, you don’t know, there’s no shame in learning because there’s a first time for everything. Here are pro tips for fleshlight fans in India, and you shouldn’t miss them.

What Is A Fleshlight?

Before we move on to the suggestions, we think some of our readers might be unaware of what is a fleshlight. For those, who don’t know, fleshlight masturbator or fleshlight sex toy is one of the most popular sex toys for men available in India. Fleshlight India products are the most popular sex toy category among Indian buyers and several reasons are there behind this. You can check the exterior of a fleshlight online, and the discreet construction won’t fail to amaze you. Apart from this, it features a super soft Cyberskin replicating real vagina inside a flashlight. For years, Fleshlight India products have become very popular among men for their discreet design, realistic pleasure and ease of use. Even if you buy fleshlight in India, here are a couple of tips on fleshlight use to keep your libido at the pinnacle for years.  

Lube Up & Put On A Condom 

Fleshlight India products are awesome, yet some people complain about the inner shaft for being rough. It is important to understand fleshlight masturbator only replicates a woman’s vagina. If you want to experience realistic sex, it is important to lube up the toy before getting into action. Of course, you can use fleshlight sex toys for men in India without lubricants, but it may not be that pleasing; plus, it may lead to permanent damage to the sleeve.

Putting on a condom is what experts suggest to skip the cleaning part; however, we doubt how many people actually follow this while jerking off! Fleshlight India products or fleshlight sex toy mimics realistic lovemaking. Thus, putting on a condom during the ride can help save the hassle of cleaning. Washing fleshlight India products is important when you’re done. Any leftover or dirt in the inner shaft can make it a breeding ground for bacteria, which is unwanted. Bacteria and other dirt can lead you to catch sexually transmitted diseases easily. Therefore  we suggest you to keep fleshlight masturbators clean and dry after using them.

Tighten/Loosen The Shaft 

The only thing that made Fleshlight India products dissimilar is the resemblance in appearance along with realistic inner channel as well. Many of you perhaps don’t know that the tightness of fleshlight masturbator can be adjusted by opening and closing the cap located at the bottom. When you insert the penis with the cap closed, you’ll enjoy a nice sense of pleasure due to the air. In case, you want strong suction coupled with insane stimulation, just open the cap located at the bottom and close them after insertion. This will give you desired level of pleasure while jerking off. We hope these tips will help you amplify the pleasure of your little brother, and you shouldn’t forget to try them out.

Increase Sleeve Temperature For Realistic Experience 

Some sexperts suggest warming the sleeve in mild heat can help you experience more realistic insertion just like having sex. Fleshlight India products are made of skin-friendly silicone. So, you can increase the temperature by wrapping a slightly heated towel all around the sleeve. It will  ensure a realistic jerking session like never before. The demand for fleshlight sex toys for men in India has skyrocketed in recent years. In case, you are planning to buy fleshlight masturbator online, the cool tricks will help you amplify the fun of masturbation to the high heaven of sensual pleasure.

Keep It Mounted For Real Fun 

Are you thinking to try something new such as inserting the penis into the vagina with legs wide open? Well, you’re not the only one to have a fantasy like this. Fleshlight India products can be placed in various ways so that you can experience hands-free masturbation just like having real sex. You might be surprised to know automatic fleshlight online is now available in the Indian market. Without any doubt, those masturbators are some of the coolest high-end sex toys for men ever available in India. One can also change the direction of jerking their hands to make things exciting and pleasing.    


Fleshlight India products can last years with proper maintenance. In case, you have bought fleshlight online it is important to know how to maintain hygiene of a fleshlight masturbator. A well-maintained fleshlight sex toy offers unmatched pleasure, plus there’s no headache of bacteria and infections too.

  1. You must clean Fleshlight masturbator after each use
  2. You need lukewarm water for cleansing all the dirt remaining
  3. You need a good toy cleaner for cleaning (shampoo can be a good alternative)
  4. You need to wipe all the moisture after washing
  5. You need to dry fleshlight every time you use them

These are some of the coolest tricks to use your Fleshlight India products like a pro. Even if you are new or just bought a fleshlight online, you can still follow the guidelines and spice up things in a contemporary way. Fleshlight price has dropped in recent years. However, there are only a few websites that sell genuine fleshlight at an unbelievable price. We hope the aforementioned tips and tricks will not only help you to use fleshlight masturbators better than others, but it will also help learning proper maintenance is equally important for users.