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5 Erotic Tips For Couples To Turn The Festival Of Colour

5 Erotic Tips:

As time passes by, the festival of colour is knocking on the doors. For many, Holi is incomplete without a glass of thandai or bhang, and this is the high time we all wait to get into the trance and dance all day long. Holi, the festival of colours is celebrated all over the country. Generally, it is celebrated along with good music, dance, foods, bhang, water guns and balloons. But, if you’re planning something unusual to try on this holi, sex toys would be a perfect thing. Many of you might be unaware that Cannabis is a libido booster, and trying sex toys while being high will be an amazing thing for the couples out there. So get ready for a sinful celebration of Holi, the festival of colour with naughty erotic toys like never before.

Replace Water Balloons With Condoms 

Are you fond of targeting people with water balloons? Well, we have an idea. If you wanna celebrate holi in an unusual way why don’t you replace water balloons with condoms and throw them on your partner? You can imagine how crazy it would be. In case you are nervous assuming what people will think? But believe me, no one will notice if you’re playing Holi, the festival of colour within the premises of your home. You shouldn’t stop until you see him/her completely wet. You can grab another balloon, tease him with a gentle squeeze and take the celebration to a whole new level.

Try Vibrating Panty 

Do you understand discreet sex? Well, if your answer is no then get ready to learn about it. The vibrating panty contains a vibrating bullet inside. Whenever your partner slips in them you can turn on the vibration to begin the game. The insane vibration will take your partner to the high heaven of pleasure. In addition, you can also control the speed of the vibration from time to time. In case, you are planning to celebrate Holi, the festival of colour in a different way, you shouldn’t think twice before purchasing vibrating panties for your partner. Different vibration speeds will allow you to test the endurance of your partner. Believe me that would be a fun-packed secret between you and your partner.  

Try Erotic Card Games 

Bhang is an aphrodisiac, and you must not forget the fact. When you are done playing with colours and glasses, it’s time to get naughty. If you have never indulged in this kind of thing, playing erotic card games will be a great idea. At Lovemaking Toy, India’s No 1 online sex toy store has a vast collection of erotic games for couples, and you can take a look at the same. If you take a look you will find many couple games & sex games to take the heat to a whole new level, and you should not miss them in any way.

Be The Canvas 

Since you are searching for the coolest ideas to celebrate Holi, the festival of colour, we have come up with a brilliant idea. Nothing can be more exciting than playing Holi with your partners/loved ones and you can simply take it to a whole new level just by asking them to paint on your body. Your partner won’t have to be an expert painter, but the act of seduction will surely trigger him like never before.

Shower Together 

The shower seems to be a hassle for many especially when it comes to Holi, the festival of colours. But don’t worry, our suggestion will turn the hassle into a fun-packed holi escapade for couples. Those, who want to celebrate Holi differently, can take their partner for a shower together. You can opt for waterproof sex toys during the shower to take the game to another level.

These are some of the suggestions to spice up Holi like never before and we hope readers will love them. This is how you can spice up the festival of colour in a contemporary way and celebrate aphrodisia along with bhang and erotic toys.

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